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Maintenance of wooden staves, consists in dismantling the old finish of the stave that at the same time will serve to match the damaged staves.


Application of finishes according to the functionality of the space and user needs.


Installation of laminate floors for interiors of tzalam, cumaru. All of our interior floors have an installation process in the area from which they will be installed.

Our outdoor floors are installed with fasteners that help 100% to the aesthetics of the wood since no stave is screwed. 


Manufacture of wood finishes under design, all our pices are guaranteed.


Design and manufacture of wooden furniture from PAROTA, TZALAM, CAOBA to give a unique style to your space, all our furniture are under unique design.


Give a special touch to that space that you like so much.


Design and construction of palapas, with materials from the region, all the wood is treated with chemical anti termite. All our wood are waterproofed to ensure greater durability due to the high humidity of the subsoil of the region.


The whole structure of the palapa is protected with wood varnish.


Design and construction of wooden springs in hard zapote wood, as well as in treated pine wood.


All good work starts with a good stroke, that's why at ARQYMAD we have professional and specialized personnel to perform these types of jobs.


We can advise and solve your project.

Perforacion para sembrado de postes
Reproducir video

In the video you can see the staff doing a drilling to plant posts under water, ARQYMAD has the trained staff to perform such work.


Design and construction of Pergolas, with materials from the region (Zapote) wood is the most resistant to the exterior and the best qualified for these projects. In addition, a varnish is applied as a preservative for wood

ceiling lights

Manufacture of wood finishes in boards and logs, solutions to fastening systems and project fixation.


We have a great variety of wood species for each project.

wooden railings

Design and Construction of wooden and square railings. we adapt to all kinds of designs that our customers like, we are specialists in wood.


All our work carry a preservative finish for wood this in order to ensure the greatest durability of our wood

project visualization

Design and visualization of 3D projects.


We help you to visualize your project before starting to build this with the purpose that our clients feel satisfied with our work.

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